Hélène Sellier

Welcome, whether you're here by chance or curiosity.

Vous pouvez lire ceci en français si vous voulez.

My name is Hélène.

I have always told stories. Since 2018, I have been working in the video game industry as a narrative designer. I also create experimental interactive experiences (using Twine, Bitsy, Texture, Ren’Py, or Quest), available on itch.io or steam. I play a lot of role-playing games, and occasionally, I write short stories.

I teach (or have taught) creative writing (especially interactive fiction) and some aspects of contemporary media cultures in various programs, including the Master Humanités et Industries créatives at University of Nice Sophia Antipolis (since 2017), the Bachelor Conception Jeu vidéo at LISAA in Bordeaux (since 2022) and the Master Games and Playful Design at Goldsmith University in London (2018-2019). I also often give public talks at industry events and scientific conferences.

I do research. In 2019, I defended a PhD thesis in Comparative Literature on the mutual representations of literature and video games. My current work is situated in the field of research-creation and engages particularly with post-classical narratology, game studies, and design sciences. It focuses on contemporary forms of narration and digital interactive devices, as well as the processes of creation and design in cultural industries. I’m also interested in the relationships between contemporary media cultures and transmedia phenomena. You can find my research on the HAL platform.

If you want an academic presentation of my work (in French), you can read my analytical CV, but you can also reach out to me directly at helene.mathilde@gmail.com.

See you soon!