Writing a European feminist otome game

Communication en anglais à la convention AdventureX, Bristish Library, Londres, 2/11/2019 - 3/11/2019

Stepped in the Japanese culture where they were born, otome games tend to develop an undiversified image of femininity and rarely question the place of women in society, even when they spread outside of their cradle. Since the aim of the interactive experience is to charm a male character in order to date him, the structure of the game traditionally sets a right way to be in public and to interact with others for women, thanks to a numeric system imbedded within the narrative. However, the audience for this type of game is often young women in their formative years. As a writer, I think it’s a moral duty not to format them into a single model to but to present various models of womanhood. Thus, anchoring myself in the dialogue between academic research and industry practices, I would like to introduce a few ideas in order to write an otome game which respects the conventions of the genre without including normative injunction.
How to write a modern interactive love story for young girls without compelling them in gender norms?

La vidéo de la conférence est disponible en ligne ici.