Creative Writing

Narratology and scenario
2020-2021 -- Bachelor Game Design, EPTA Toulouse -- 56h TD

This module is an introduction to writing and analysing fiction. Taking a wide range of examples in the contemporary popular culture and using proven Creative Writing methods, the students create several productions in a semester. Classical and post-classical narratology theories are then used to developp a reflexive discourse.

2019-2020 -- Master Humanités et Industries Créatives, Université Nice Sophia-Antipolis
To broaden the perspective of future professionals of the cultural industries, the aethetic qualities of different media works (i.e. video games, digital literature, novels) were analysed as the results of socio-cultural phenomenons.

Branching Narratives
2018-2021 -- Bachelor Film and TV Production, Buckinghamshire New University
As a guest lecturer in the module New Media and Current Trends, I gave a lecture about branching narratives in literature and video games and two seminars about how to write engaging quests and NPC.

Narrative and interactive fiction
2018-2019 -- Master Independent Games, Goldsmith College, Londres
Building on the artistic practice of the students, the aim of these Creative Writing seminars was to create a branching narrative using Twine. However, we linked creation and theory, discussing various topics like the difference between hypertext literature and interactive fiction or the link between immersion, agency and the illusion of choice.

Writing interactive fiction
2018-2019 -- DUT MMI, Université de Clermont Auvergne
The aim of these seminars was to introduce the students to the methods used to analyse the narrative elements in games and their effect on the player (narratology, ludology, play studies) but also to offer them the possibility to create their own text-based game in Twine.

Video game narrativity
2017-2019 -- Master MAPI, Université Nice Sophia-Antipolis
Using close reading of both theories and fictional works, this module taclked :
- the similarities between video game stories and other contemporary fictions
- the specificities of branching narratives
- the narrative quality of game mechanics and the embodiement of play.

Transmedia storytelling
2017-2019 -- Master MAPI, Université Nice Sophia-Antipolis
In parallel to several short creative tasks, these seminars introduced the students to a series of fundamental concepts concerning transmedia storytelling such as transfictionality, intermediality, convergence culture.

Oral and written communication
2014-2015 -- Terminales SAPAT et TVC, Lycée Saint-Joseph-de-Cluny
Focusing on developping practical skills necessary for the higher education and the professional world, these seminars used both proven methods as well as innovative teaching (like role playing) to ensure that the students were able to give oral presentations and to write coherent argumentative texts.