Contemporary literature and media cultures

Collective imaginary
2019-2020 -- Master Humanités et Industries Créatives, Université Nice Sophia-Antipolis
The seminars tackled four main subjects :
- media genres and imaginary worlds
- stereotypes in social discourses and in fictional works
- convergence culture, between creative process and marketing strategies
- artistic media hybridation

Sociology of video games
2018 – 2020 -- Bachelor Esport, ISEFAC Lille
To give a broad introduction to research topics, video games were analysed as aesthetic works (Game studies), social experiences (Play studies) and cultural artefacts (Cultural Studies).

Media Cultures
2017-2018 -- Master Game Design / Game Art, Supinfogame
Using Information and Communication theories, these seminars taught in English aimed to tackle a range of contemporary media phenomenon, such as Fan fiction, Art games, Video game localization.

Literature and Media cultures
2014-2015 -- Terminales SAPAT et TVC, Lycée Saint-Joseph-de-Cluny
Aiming to develop the general culture of the students, I organised a variety of events. For example :
- seminars on the history of literature and media cultures
- lectures on advertising
- a talk about web culture
- conferences about contemporary dance